Month: October 2018

Spalted maple hollow form

This was a fun hollow form to turn.  It is made out of  spalted maple.  The vessel stands 5 inches tall and is just under 5 inches in diameter.  It took a little bit of work with sanding sealer to get a smooth surface as the spalting gave the wood lots of soft spots that […]

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Sycamore bowl with a suprise

  This bowl is made out of locally sourced sycamore.  Its dimensions are 13 1/2 inches in diameter and stands 5 inches tall.  It was a fun one to turn as it was a green blank when I started.  I turned it in 2 sessions.  The first session it was rough turned to 1 inch […]

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Large sweet gum hollow form

This hollow form in a southwestern pottery shape stands 10 inches tall and 11 inches wide.  The form was made from a locally sourced log section with the pith running down the center of the form.  The finish is multiple coats of Danish oil that has been cured and buffed to a gloss finish with […]

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