This bowl is made out of locally sourced sycamore.  Its dimensions are 13 1/2 inches in diameter and stands 5 inches tall.  It was a fun one to turn as it was a green blank when I started.  I turned it in 2 sessions.  The first session it was rough turned to 1 inch wall thickness where I started to uncover a tiny inclusion in the wall near the base.  The blank sat on a rack for a month to finish drying so it could be returned to the lathe to turn it to its final thickness.







When I returned the bowl to the lathe and started turning it to final thickness I realized the inclusion was larger then I first thought.  It ended up being a large hole were a branch broke off and the tree healed over it.  It passed through the wall on an angle and left some interesting figuring.  I had thought about just leaving the hole but it was to close to the base and would make the bowl not usable. Instead of filling it with a dark dyed resin I left the resin clear so it would show the figuring were the branch once was.  The bowl was finished with pure tung oil, buffed to a shine and finished with carnauba wax.





A final picture of the entire bowl with the void.