Interactive remote demos

Remote demos give you all the benefits without the cleanup after the demo is over.  I use my tools in my shop with multiple cameras to give your club a demo on a tv at your clubs meeting.  Demos can also be done with zoom in the comfort of your club members homes.  In addition these demos are completely interactive.  During the demo club members are able to ask questions and have them answered in real time.  Email demo requests to  Not a member of a woodturning club?  Join me for one of my open demos for a small seat fee.

Hollow form without hollowing tools

Join me for a demo on how to creat a hollow form without the need for hollowing tools.  In this demo i will teach you my techniques for creating a hollow form in several pieces then join them back together.  You will learn how to shape, seperate, rejoin, and embelish the joint to hide it.  Zoom is required to attend this demo.  If you need help setting it up I can assist.  Please use the name you registered with when logging into the demo.

July 9th 2020 at 7pm est

Demo duration 2 hours

Cost $10 per seat