Interactive remote demos

I do interactive remote demos that range from basic topics like bowl turning to advanced topics like hollowing and embellishments.  Tickets to attend these demos start at $12 based on the type and duration.  Most of my demos last 1 to 2 hours.  All attendees get access to a recording in high definition that can be viewed after the demo for up to 30 days.  Some of the demos include handouts with details of the project and step by step instructions.

If your a member or officer of a club I do private demos for a set price.  If you are interested in having me do a demo for your club contact me for details.

Not meeting virtually anymore?  These demos are a great way to bring demonstrators from other regions into your in person meetings.  All that is needed is a tv. A device that can connect to the internet and the tv.  A speaker and microphone.  I preform the demo from my shop on my equipment.  You get all the benefits of a live demonstration without all the cleanup at the end.  

Have members that can’t make meetings?  I can host the demo to allow them to connect remotely.  I use Zoom for all my demos.  All the members need is an internet connection and the latest zoom app its free and easy to install.  They get all the benefits of the demo without having to be at the meeting.

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Interactive remote demos
upcoming interactive remote demos