Black Label Woodworks is a small one person shop in Jackson, NJ.  My shop produces beautiful wood turned items along with cutting boards, serving platters, and kitchen wares.  I also have a YouTube channel that I update regularly and do interactive remote demos for clubs and the public.

Artisian handcrafted one piece at a time

“There’s been a resurgence in the artisan handmade market.  More people are taking pride in knowing where the things they buy come from, and how their made.  They enjoy supporting their local artists and makers.  In a modern day of mass production, I still make everything by hand one piece at a time.”  –Chris Lawrence—

about me

I started my fascination with wood the first day I stepped into wood shop class in high school. After graduating I continued my enjoyment working with wood starting out with a hand me down radial arm saw from the 70’s along with a few hand held power tools and hand tools. In 2011 I purchased my first lathe and proceeded to make piles of wood chips until I figured out how to make a usable item. From that point on I was hooked and have been perfecting my craft ever since. Being a member of the Atlantic shore wood turners club and the American association of woodturners has allowed me to share my experience with others along with gaining experience.

I currently focus on twice turned green wood vessels in a south western pottery style. In between batches of green wood I turn other types of wood turnings from simple pens to complicated segmented pieces to fill my spaces at local hand made shops and art/craft shows. I always enjoy experimenting with new techniques.

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About Black Label woodworks